About Us

Our founder created Moodlight Candle Company in response to a number of demands in her own life:

1. Mood - It's no surprise to others when they learn that her love for candles first began in High School and carried into her adult life. The first thing she did each day after arriving home from a stressful day at the job would be to light a few candles around the house.  The ambiance and scent worked in tandem to eliminate stress and was a huge help in adjusting her mood as she attempted to enjoy her evenings. 

2. Resources - Being in corporate retail for over 15 years, you come to realize the true cost of goods vs the price that is handed down to the consumer.  It all came to a head when she found herself waking up at 4am to place online orders or stand in line for sales with other candle retailers.  As prices started to creep up, she decided to try her hand at making her own candles.

3. Creating - Candle making quickly became more than just an occasional past time.  Her specially formulated scents were a huge success and from there a company was born!

Our candles are created with your mood in mind!  We hope that you enjoy using our product to help you SET THE MOOD in your life!