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Mood Shot Sampler

Mood Shot Sampler

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Discover a spectrum of uplifting fragrances with the Mood Shot Sampler. Perfect for any room in the home, it offers 4 unique aromas to explore - ideal for enhancing any mood or setting.

Each shot will last approximately 4 weeks. To use, simply push the wax out of the container and into your wax melter tray and enjoy! Enhance your MOOD and enjoy your favorite aromas with ease and convenience.

Take your pick! Allow yourself to enjoy the beautiful fragrances, crafted for maximum effectiveness for your specific mood. Options Include:

* Top Picks: Our top sellers

  1. Cleansing Energy: pineapple + sage + anise

  2. Refreshed: california lemon + cotton candy + lavender

  3. Cosmic Order: ozone + sea salt + tonka bean

  4. Birthday Vibes: sugar + buttercream + vanilla

*Celebration Pack: Embellished with color, sparkle and shine

  1. Cosmic Order: ozone + sea salt + tonka bean

  2. Romantic Nights: peach + cherry blossom + hydrangea

  3. Overflowing: mandarin peel + ginger root + avocado

  4. Birthday Vibes: sugar + buttercream + vanilla

*Moody Vibes: Scents fit for a lowkey vibe

  1. Cosmic Order: ozone + sea salt + tonka bean

  2. Cleansing Energy: pineapple + sage + anise

  3. Overflowing: mandarin peel + ginger root + avocado

  4. Frozen Water: pine + lavender + sandalwood


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    Candle Care

    For Candles:
    * Always trim your wick to 1/8" before each burn. If your flame is too high, or non-existent then extinguish immediately and trim!
    * Keep away from drafts and flammable objects. Remember that candles are flammable! Protect yourself!
    * Burn for no longer than 4 hours at a time to preserve use of candle and reduce soot. Don't waste your hard earned money...there's no need to burn for longer than this AND it's not safe!
    *Never leave candle unattended. The point is to enjoy the mood it provides! That becomes impossible if the candle is left its unsafe!
    For Wax Melts:
    * Never leave unattended...let's err on the side of caution, especially if you're using a flame to melt your wax!
    * Do not ingest...they smell amazing, so we understand, but please don't!
    *Beware of hot wax! We get have to heat the wax to clean it our of you warmer, but please exercise caution!
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    Mood Shot Sampler